‘The challenges of developing a viable air Transport economy amidst recession and the opportunities for investment in Nigeria Aviation Market’.

This year will be the fourth year running of the renowned Airport Business Summit and expo for Africa and held annually in Abuja Nigeria City Capital. The event is solely dedicated to promoting airport business for the region.

Africa is a region with so much potentials and opportunities for economic development with high return on investment. The air transport system of the region is projected to grow and double in the next 5 years to achieve adequate air connectivity throughout the continent and increase the prospect of regional business. The airports need to be positioned to deliver this growth and help in accelerating economic development. There are challenges and constraints; from finance to management, operation to service delivery, infrastructure deficit to poor intermodal connectivity, technology drawback to manpower training, all these present opportunities that can be harnessed as businesses and will be discussed at the summit. The birth of the Airport Business Summit in Nigeria is a significant step towards recognizing the huge size of the aviation industry and singling out one of its sub-sectors, the airport subsector and trying to address the air transport holistically from the economic perspective of the airport subsector.

Airport Business Summit is organized by FCI International Ltd an international intermodal consulting group and member of ACI Africa, who is also the founder of Nigerian Aviation Award and is a well known manpower development consultant for the transport industry.

In ABSE event we see the airport as the only fixed component of the variables of the aviation industry. This critical component requires huge investment attention, which government alone is not able to provide. Therefore it has become necessary worldwide to seek private collaboration to fund airport development to meet the increasing air transport need and for Africa the need has just started and platform is opening up. Airport is the business window for all airport cities and air travel destinations. Beyond the aeronautic services of the airport, the airport structures define the landscape of the cities, influences life style and the tourism trade.

This year’s summit holds from 21st -23rd June 2017 at Shehu Musa Yar Adua Centre Abuja with topical issues to be discussed led by the Honourable Minister of State For Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika who has approved of the full participation of the agencies of the Ministry and will also throw more light on the ‘lessons learnt from Abuja runway rehabilitation project and the future concession plans for the airports’ which are sure to catalyse the discussion interest of the multisector delegates.

The Managing Director of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria who is presently poised to opening all investment opportunities around the Nigerian airport for private interest will also be discussing with a team of industry panellist on ‘Positioning Nigeria Airports to Meet Increasing Regional Air Transport Service Demand and Capacity Optimization’. While Captain Muhtar Shaibu Usman, the Director General of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, the leading regulator of the industry will throw light into ‘The challenges of developing a viable air Transport economy amidst recession and the opportunities for investment in Nigeria Aviation Market’.




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