Having debunked the misleading rumour that Medveiw Airline London route has been suspended due to recent EU restriction, yesterday the scheduled flight to London Gatewick Airports successfully landed in London with 240 passengers on board the Boeing 747 aircraft from Murtala Muhammed International Airport Ikeja.

The airline which has become the last hope of the common Nigeria traveller currently faced with the headship of high fare due to high exchange rate, high cost of aviation fuelling and other factors affecting the aviation industry, had relatively continue to offer varied affordable fares making it a reliable choice on the highly competitive direct route from Lagos to London and back.

This highly lucrative route which was earlier dominated by the British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, had been quoted to be one of the most expensive routes in the world, following what the passengers had to pay. With the coming of the Nigeria airlines such as the Mediview, a new lease of competition is setting in and Medview Airline has stabilized the fares on the route to the extent that other airlines that exploited Nigerians on the London route had to fall in line otherwise passengers will avoid them.

The airline from the December last year till March this year had plied a B747 aircraft to take advantage of the heavy traffic during the peak period and had recorded an amazing 460 passenger full capacity operation throughout the season.

The misleading report had made intending passengers worried but now it is clear that Mediwiew Lagos London Gatwick route is operational which is sigh of relief to most Nigeria air traveller who want enough travel fare options.


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